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William Roach

William D. Roach

William is a French Acadian born and raised in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. He is completely self-taught and has done woodcarvings and paintings since he was a child.

He was also the recipient of the GRAND-PRÉ PRIZE in 2005 which goes to an Acadian artist of Nova Scotia who is recognized for their artistic excellence and originality and has achieved professional status and recognition.

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Charlie Poirier

Charlie Poirier

Charlie is a French Acadian born and raised in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. He is a retired grocery manager of 20 years from Robin Jones and prior to that worked for 20 years in Toronto at Lennex Furnace.

He retired in 2000 and took up woodcarving as a hobby and discovered he really enjoyed it. He is happy he is able to sell his work today at Sunset Art Gallery.

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Terrance Fortune

Terrance Fortune

Terrance is an Acadian that lives with his family in Arichat on the island of Isle Madame in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He has been a carpenter, a boat builder, an adventure guide, a pub owner and an innkeeper.

At present Terrance is a stay at home dad to his two kids, caretaker to his elderly mother, a folkartist and a freelance writer and photographer.

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Joseph Mckinnon

Joseph McKinnon

Josef has been carving since 1994 and is from Sydney , Nova Scotia. One day he picked up a piece of wood out of boredom and starting chipping away and he liked the end result and so did many others.

He created a life size carving of Archie Neil Chisholm who was a known teacher, emcee and fiddle player. It can be seen on stage at the Normaway Inn in Cape Breton.

Josef also has many pieces now in many countries of the world.

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